'ArtsEd Centenary - Islam Bouakkaz: 100 Years in 100 Seconds'

'ArtsEd Centenary - Islam Bouakkaz: 100 Years in 100 Seconds'
01:41 Jun 19
'ArtsEd was officially 100 years old in 2019!  Throughout 2019/20 we have celebrated this milestone with some of our most successful alumni in a series of videos called 100 Years in 100 Seconds.  In this video, alumni Islam Bouakkaz talks about the Chiswick \'home\' that was his experience of ArtsEd. A scholarship recipient, Islam has gone on to roles in TV series such as The Letter for the King and the acclaimed Ricky Gervais tragi-comedy, After Life.  \"Why did I choose ArtsEd? From the moment I walked in I felt at home. I was very fortunate to get a scholarship - if it wasn\'t for that I wouldn\'t know where I\'d be. I hope ArtsEd can continue to find ways to get people (who aren\'t as fortunate as me) into the school. There\'s so much hidden talent. How amazing would that be?\" - Islam Bouakkaz  Video Production: https://www.badmadam.co.uk/  https://artsed.co.uk/' 
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